Saving lives with mathematics!


In life-threatening situations emergency situations where every second counts, the timely arrival of emergency services at the incident location can make the different between survival and death. Dynamic Ambulance Management (DAM) is a powerful means to reduce the emergency response times, for example by enforcing pro-active relocations of ambulance vehicles on the basis of the actual locations and statuses of the ambulance vehicles and the predicted incident locations.

In this talk I will discuss a variety of DAM relocation models, and show results of real-life pilot studies performed in the Netherlands.


Prof.dr. Rob van der Mei is a full professor at the VU University Amsterdam, the head of the research theme Logistics and the Industrial Liaison Officer at CWI. Before going to academia, he has been working for over a decade as a consultant and researcher in the ICT industry, working for PTT, KPN, AT&T Bell Labs and TNO ICT. He is the initiator and leader of the project ‘From Reactive to proactive Planning of Ambulance Services’ (REPRO), and a co-founder of the spin-off company Stokhos Emergency Mathematics. His research interests include health logistics, performance modeling and scalability analysis of ICT systems, grid computing, revenue management, military operations research, sensor networks, call centers, queueing theory and applications of BigData. He is the co-author of some 140 papers in journals and refereed proceedings.