Efficient healthcare logistics with a human touch


Maartje van de Vrugt



1 July 2016




University of Twente, Waaier 4 (Prof.dr. G. Berkhoff room)

Optimizing the efficiency of healthcare logistics often improves both patient-friendliness and quality of care through better accessibility and alignment of the appointments, and may provide the hospital with the possibility to treat more patients with the same capacity. This thesis provides both theoretical and implementation-oriented applications of OR methodologies that support logistical decision-making in hospitals, contributes to the vast amount of academic papers on OR in healthcare, and provides experiences with implementing research results. The focus is on inventive, pragmatic mathematical solutions with a human touch, by incorporating both patient and physician preferences. This thesis brings theory and practice closer together, so academics and practitioners can join forces in the continuous improvement of the efficiency of healthcare logistics.

Maartje van de Vrugt obtained her BSc and MSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Twente. Maartje started her Ph.D. research in September 2011 at the Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement and Research (CHOIR) of the University of Twente. In April 2013 she started at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, where she was involved in several consultancy projects besides her Ph.D. research. Her interests are the mix between interesting new mathematics, discussing with/explaining her research to people outside her field of expertise, and the challenge of supporting the implementation of her research results.