Breast cancer – when time flies


In healthcare, human influence and mathematics are seldomly combined.

However, time is precious and expensive in hospitals.

At the Breast Centre of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital (Borstcentrum JBZ) in Den Bosch, a reorganization took place between 2013 and 2015.

Patient logistics were analyzed, both quantitative as well as qualitatively.

The results of these process changes were positive for patients, but also for healthcare professionals. And in the light of a changing medical environment more changes will be needed in the future.

In this presentation I will highlight the pathway of breast cancer patients, I will zoom in on the changes we have made and I will deliberate on the future of breastcancer healthcare.


Dr. M. (Maud) Bessems is a surgeon-oncologist at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital (JBZ) in Den Bosch.

As chairman of the Borstcentrum JBZ, she is responsible for the process of diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast cancer. Furthermore she is specialized in the treatment of patients with melanoma, thyroid cancer and soft tissue sarcoma.

She studied medicine at Maastricht University until 2000, followed by PhD-studies at the University of Amsterdam (2005). Thereafter she performed her surgical training until 2011, followed by a fellowship as surgical oncologist at Maastricht University until 2013.

Since 2013 she works at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital.

Apart from daily practice as a surgeon-oncologist and manager of the Borstcentrum JBZ, she is active in research regarding breastcancer, process improvement and the hospital of the future.