CHOIR in practice

CHOIR in practice

‘OR saves lives!’
Paul Harper

Professor Harper will discuss an overview of the work of the Health Modelling Centre Cymru in collaboration with various NHS partners. He will highlight the practical aspects of the centre's research and will discuss the impact (improved efficiencies, saved money and saved lives!) resulting from the centre's research.

Biography: Professor Paul Harper is the Director of the Health Modelling Centre Cymru and the Head of the Operational Research Group at Cardiff University. Professor Harper's research, and that with many collaborators, has led to sustained impact of significant benefit to the NHS and patient care, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems, and improved outcomes. Projects have included reducing waiting times, reducing elective patient cancellations, finding the most effective and equitable locations on for healthcare facilities, advising on the cost-effectiveness of strategies for preventing and screening for disease such as informing policy on cancer, HIV/AIDS and Chlamydia screening. Professor Harper has a PhD and MSc in Mathematics and Operations Research from the University of Southampton, and a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Bath.

Professor Harper's primary research interests are in:

  • Modelling of healthcare systems and resource management;
  • Modelling for the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases;
  • Stochastic modelling, including queueing theory, game theory and simulation methods;
  • Facility location problems;
  • Data Mining Techniques.