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International Student Support

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International Student Support focuses on orienting and preparing our students for international experiences. We organise a number of events throughout the year to welcome our new international students to the UT community and prepare current students for an experience abroad. We also offer an Emergency Abroad Service, produce the International Student Handbook, provide subsidies to the student world associations and manage several social media accounts.

International student events

Check out our event pages below for more information about the events we co-host and facilitate throughout the year.

Emergency abroad service

In the event of an emergency occurring in countries in which UT students and staff are studying or working, the Emergency Abroad Service performs a wellbeing check and provides support when required. The service liaises with various stakeholders and shares information about important matters such as pre-emptive safety measures, pre-departure preparations and intercultural awareness. To contact the service, email emergency-abroad@utwente.nl.

International student handbook

The International Student Handbook is a comprehensive resource to help new international students adapt to their environment and get the most out of their studies. Students can find information on topics such as healthcare, working part-time, student support, university facilities, student associations and Dutch culture. The handbook is updated annually and re-published online in June.

Partner of student associations

UT greatly values the active involvement of international students in the university community. To support these activities, SOIR is a partner of the student world associations and the Student Union. We provide subsidies to these associations in order to support a vivid international and inclusive environment on the UT campus. For more information about the subsidies, visit ISA Subsidy Guidelines.

Social media

In collaboration with our colleagues at Marketing & Communications, we manage the UT International and UT Marketplace Facebook groups. You can also follow Let's GO! on Instagram. If you would like to collaborate on our socials, please email events-soir@utwente.nl

Who is who?


There are International Student Support Officers located in each faculty. The list can be found here.

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