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The University of Twente organises Let’s GO! events throughout the year to promote studying abroad. The events are the perfect opportunity to find out about the variety of exchange options available to UT Bachelor and Master students. 

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Upcoming events 

Select an event below to find out more and register. Registration is necessary for each event that you wish to attend, except for the open offices. If you have questions about the events, you can email letsgo@utwente.nl.

Please note that only certain study fields are possible at each partner university. Visit Study Abroad ''Where Can I Go?'' to see which destinations match up with your study programme .


During the events, students who are currently on exchange or have already returned from a study abroad share their insights with you through short presentations. We also hear from international students who can tell you about their home country. This is a great way for you to explore your options and find out about your country and/ or university of interest.

Destinations around the world

The University of Twente has student exchange agreements with over 300 partner universities in more than 50 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, the UK and many more. For the full list of partner universities, visit Study Abroad

Did you know it can take up to twelve months to prepare for studying abroad? Visit Study Abroad to find out about application processes, financial support and other practical matters. 

What can I expect at the events?

Our events are an informal opportunity for you to find out more about studying abroad in a certain country or region. We give you the chance to hear from students who have already had an exchange experience and from international students who can tell you about their home country. UT Faculty Exchange Coordinators and Country Coordinators will be present to answer your questions on topics such as course credits, application processes and financial support. At some of our on-campus events we provide food from the featured countries. 


Find out about your options to study at partner universities around the world.


Browse a variety of promotional materials to explore your options.


Hear first-hand insights from students who have already been abroad. Get inspired about your country and/ or university of interest!


Chat one-to-one with our partners and ask them all your questions.

Scholarships for abroad experiences

Did you know there’s a range of scholarships available for studying abroad, as well as for undertaking internships, research opportunities and PhDs? The UT’s Scholarship Office will host a webinar in November to outline your financial support options and answer your questions.

Why study abroad?

Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and learning a foreign language are the main reasons for students to spend time abroad during their studies. In addition, an international experience broadens your horizons, both academically and personally, and enhances your career prospects. Visiting a Let's GO! event is a great way to get inspired and gain an insight into the benefits of a study abroad experience.

Minor fair

Many students choose to study abroad for their minor. Are you interested in finding out more about the variety of options available for your minor? Visit the Minor Fair!

If you are interested in doing an internship abroad centred around one of the Sustainable Development Goals, check out the minor Crossing Borders.

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