ISA Subsidy Request

The University of Twente (UT) greatly values international students being actively involved in the university community. The UT provides subsidy means to financially assist International Student Associations (ISA). The subsidy is in principle a contribution to management of activities and subjected to the conditions as specified in this document. The subsidy may be allocated to ISA’s who contribute to the vivid international including environment the university aims at. 

The unit International Support of the Scholarship Office & International Relations (SOIR) department of the Centre for Educational Services (CES) is responsible for the governance of the ISA subsidy, from allocation of the funds up to and including assessment of use of the ISA subsidies by ISA’s. CES SOIR has an advisory role to the Student Union and Unite.

International Student Associations are important for the University of Twente because: 

  1. They play an important part in making new international students feel at home while studying and living at the University of Twente; 
  2. They help international students connect with Dutch students and the overall university community;
  3. They give international students a voice. In UniTe, the Platform for International Students, students are able to discuss the university policy on internationalization;
  4. They contribute to marketing and recruitment efforts of the University of Twente. With the associations’ websites and their activities, they visualize what it is like to study at the University of Twente. In addition, they help answer questions of international students considering studying at the University of Twente. 

The subsidy is herewith referred to as ISA subsidy. 

Evaluation criteria

The ISA Subsidy is given for activities that:

The ISA Subsidy may not be used for:

  1. Board expenses, or
  2. Travel expenses, or
  3. Commercial purposes, or
  4. Members only events.

The International Student Associations may put forward a subsidy request if one is recognized as International Student Association by the Student Union and Unite, is published as such on the aformentioned parties' website and performs activities as described above.

More on the criteria is stated in the ISA subsidy conditions. Please note, new file format will be updated soon by SOIR for academic years  2023 - 2024.

How to submit a subsidy request

The ISA subsidy conditions form an integral part of the ISA subsidy award for ISA subsidy recipients, and provide an overview of the mandatory requirements and conditions that apply to the ISA subsidy recipient. By submitting a subsidy request to CES SOIR the ISA accepts these conditions.

Y. Veenstra Konzizky (Yael)
Scholarship Coordinator (degree seeking) & Financial Administrator

Please find the invoice guide here. (New updated version will be published soon).


The International Student Associations must submit the ISA subsidy request by Friday, 1st December 2023. 


The amount of the ISA subsidy to be allocated by CES SOIR, is depended on the outcome of the assessment of spending of the ISA subsidy by the ISA in the preceding academic year.

CES SOIR will let the ISA know before 1 January of the each academic year whether the ISA subsidy is allocated, through an ISA subsidy Allocation statement. Financial Allocation of the ISA subsidy will follow within 4 weeks after the ISA subsidy Allocation statement when approved.

Recipients of the Subsidy are requested to submit the final subsidy report by Monday, 1st July  2024.

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