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Are you interested in a lunch lecture for your student team? Read below how to request this.

We (the team of Student Affairs Coaching and Counselling) offer lunch lectures for groups of students. The minimum number of participants is 15. To be able to offer a customized lunch lecture we work with a menu of options which you can pick and match. You can choose from a variety of topics relevant to students. Usually, a lunch lecture duration is approximately 45 minutes. Our advice is to choose 2 of the subjects down below and leave the last 15 minutes free for questions.

What can we offer?

Subject 1: Finding Support

Brief explanation of mental health and mental illness with an emphasis on explaining when best to seek help for yourself, where to go within UT and what services are available, in an interactive manner.

Subject 2: How to help others

Explanation of how to recognize mental health problems in others, what you can and cannot do for others, practising how to approach others and finally what services are available within UT.

Subject 3: Mental Health

Explanation about mental health, how to maintain it, mental complaints, preconceptions about mental complaints and advice on when to seek help, also explaining the services within UT.

Subject 4: Stress

Explanation of stress, learning to recognize stress and a first step in learning how to deal with stress, interactively.

The lunch lectures are subject to availability. Requests need to be sent in at the latest 4 weeks before the preferred date. We will handle your request as soon as possible. If you have any questions you can put them in the request form and we will contact you.

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