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Platform Student guidance - small deliberation


During meetings of the small deliberation, the agenda for the platform Student Guidance is discussed.  

Topics on (non-subject-related) counselling of (prospective) students in the field of study choice, study career and study progress:

  • Quickly learn from each other (and learn and be helpful to each other) what is going on
  • Being able to respond efficiently and effectively to what is going on within faculties and services
  • Being able to respond efficiently and effectively to what is happening at ‘UT level’
  • Being able to respond efficiently and effectively to national issues
  • Passing on information
  • To be able to act more jointly as (parts of the) chain
  • Being able to position the Platform more clearly (inter alia for the benefit of the student)
  • Expressing what we, the Platform members, encounter / have to deal with: signal function, also UT wide
  • Identifying bottlenecks / developments from the field (internal, external) and advising on possible UT-wide solutions
  • Advising on UT policy intentions with a view to UT-wide implementation
  • Coming to (an advice on) joint (UT-wide) processes, procedures and working agreements, in which services and faculties work together
  • Testing the feasibility of procedures

Way of working

Meeting once a month. Agenda and minutes are made and sent to members. They will send it to their "followers". Information will also be available on the Canvas-website of Platform Student Guidance.


This small deliberation group has representatives from every faculty (a study adviser), a student counsellor, a student psychologist and a executive secretary/policy officer. Chairperson: Monique Duyvestijn (, minutes: Willemijn Eendebak, . 


Intern (UT)

  • Platform Student Guidance (large)
  • UC-Ow (University Committee on Education)
  • Student Union + Kick-In Committee
  • Platform Law and Regulations
  • Platform Educational Contact Persons
  • Platform International Affairs
  • Working groups (theme-oriented working groups such as Osiris, CPO, MoMi, BSA, OER etc.)
  • Committee Personal Circumstances


  • LVSA (national association of study advisors)
  • LBS (national council of student counsellors)
  • National Working Group on Student Psychologists, NIP
  • NUVP (Network of University Confidential Persons)

Examples of discussed topics in Platform Student Guidance, large and small deliberation

  • Annual report 2017-2018 + Annual report 2018-2019
  • Collaboration with UC-Ow
  • Preparation ITK
  • Student Well-being (research and plan)
  • New way of the 'Studiekeuzecheck'
  • Kick-In
  • New release of Osiris, reports of conversations and subjects of notes