Mission statement

Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)’s mission is to provide support and guidance for students regarding their academic and social integration and development. Within the chain of student academic career counselling, there is a partnership aimed at providing support for students, in which SACC plays the part of adviser and expert interlocutor with the many programmes and any other services involved with UT.

We feel that students who are properly integrated in not just their academic, but also their social life, are better able to achieve academic and professional success. Which is why our approach focuses on offering perspective on personal and intellectual matters, and matters relating to social growth and development.

All of the services we offer reflect our strong commitment to diversity and to the individual needs of UT students in an international context. We strive to empower students and promote their autonomy by giving them professional (preventative) support to overcome any obstacles that interfere with their academic and social development.

The SACC’s activities are aimed at providing support and guidance for students to help them develop self-awareness, self-reflection and self-management (the 3 Ss), which are important parts of empowerment and as such support their ability to research, design and organise, aspects which form the basis for training someone to be a T-shaped professional.