Autism Consultation Hour

For UT students living with a form of autism that could use a helping hand with:

If you don’t have autism yourself, but have questions about autism, you are more than welcome to join the consultation hour.

  • Come to the consultation hour if the following is familiar to you
    • You want to get a degree, but you have a hard time keeping up with the schedule, causing you to miss certain classes and lectures.
    • You struggle to connect with your fellow students or have difficulty working with them. 
    • You have the cognitive skills needed for your degree programme, but you don’t know what’s expected of you.
    • Asking your lecturers/study adviser for help is difficult for you. You struggle with the administrative aspects of studying·     
    • Living a healthier life is a challenge. You can’t control your day-night rhythm and have a hard time staying away from your favourite hobbies.
    • You’re living on your own (or want to) and struggle to remember your household chores, let alone actually doing them.
  • What to expect

    A counsellor from JADOS will always be present at the consultation hour to help you:

    • Get a grip on your courses, exams, deadlines, etc.
    • Plan your studies.
    • Structure your coursework.
    • Identify who you could ask for help and what your options are.
    • Communicate with fellow students.
    • With a possible referral.
  • When / where


    Thursday 09:00-14:00, in odd weeks. Only possible after an appointment.


    The consultation hour takes place at the department of Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC), building Vrijhof, floor 3, room 311.

  • Appointment / Information

    Contact and current reachability: secretariat Student Affairs Coaching& Counselling (SACC)

    A meeting online as well as on-campus is possible.

  • Collaboration partners

    The consultation hour is a collaboration between Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (UT), JADOS(NL) Enschede Local Support Teams

    • Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC/UT)

      SACC sees it as its mission to support and guide students both socially and academically. SACC is an adviser and expert liaison with degree programmes and other services at the University of Twente.

      Students with a disability, such as an autism spectrum disorder, can enjoy additional support options. This includes practical adjustments to the degree programme in consultation with a study adviser, educational measures and adapted testing conditions. In addition, SACC’s student psychologists offer individual sessions as well as various training/group sessions for students.

    • JADOS

      JADOS offers counselling to (young) adults with a diagnosis of autism, in the life phases of study or work. JADOS (an external organization in the Netherlands) helps HBO (higher professional education) and University students with an autism spectrum disorder to study successfully. JADOS will help you develop the skills you need to make it through your studies and live on your own.

    • Enschede Local Support Teams

      For more information about welfare, care, or support in Enschede, please contact Enschede’s Local Support Teams. Together, you’ll explore your options in the city. If necessary and possible, you can request (temporary) support from a member of the local team or through the Social Support Act.

Method of working Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)