ADHD Consultation hour

For UT students living with a form of ADHD that could use a helping hand with:

If you do not have ADHD but have questions about it, you are also welcome to join the consultation hour. 

  • What to expect

    Together with you, we work on a set of concretely formulated goals:

    • Learning to manage yourself emotionally and in relation to your ADHD;
    • Experiencing more success in your study life;
    • Learning to adjust your behavior independently;
    • Getting more self-knowledge and applying this in a positive way;
    • Increasing balance in overstimulation and understimulation;
    • Get a grip on things that cost energy;
    • Getting clarity on where your qualities lie;
    • Clarity about the challenges and pitfalls you face;
    • Increasing productivity by applying practical and pragmatic 'life hacks';
    • Support in organizing and structuring your thoughts;
    • Setting your own standards and not always wanting to conform to social expectations. 
  • When / Where


    Starting from January 2023.
    Thursday mornings in even weeks from 08:30 - 12:30 hrs. By appointment via SACC secretariat.


    The consultation hour takes place at the department of Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC), building Vrijhof, floor 3, room 311.

  • Appointment / Information
  • Collaboration partners

    The ADHD consultation hour on campus is a collaboration between Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (UT) and De Doortrapper (external counsellor/coach for people with some form of ADHD; link to the Dutch website).                                                                                        

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Method of working Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)