Who would have thought fifty years ago we could order our groceries online, depend on our smartphones whether to take an umbrella or talk to and see our relatives on the other side of the world? Imagine what will be possible fifty years from now! Our world is moving fast and asks for people who are flexible and who are able to develop and learn new things fast. It’s our challenge to educate this future generation.

What does the student of the future look like? How do we support the development of our students into 21st century professionals and researchers? What is expected from them when they start working? This year the education day is all about these questions.
The day starts with a key-note. Furthermore, the education day offers several hand-on and brains-on workshops, for example:

·         debate with leading characters from the business field
·         a think tank about the engineer of the future
·         hands-on workshops on ways to motivate and involve students in your education

For more information have a look at:

Looking forward to seeing you at the 27st October!