If you haven't found what you were looking for, you can see our OTHER, remaining FACILITIES down below.

  • ATM

    An ATM can be found next to the Coop Compact supermarket (building Sky, no 51). Outlined below by a yellow square.

  • Service point PostNL

    In the Coop Supermarket (building Sky, no 51), there is a PostNL Service Point to send and receive packages using the PostNL service.

  • Parcel lockers 'de Buren'

    In the Sky building (no 51) you can find unmanned parcel lockers from De Buren. If the webshop supports this feature, you can ask them to send the goods directly to one of the parcel lockers. A dedicated smartphone app informs you if the packet has arrived and gives you the unlock code. Very handy if there is nobody home during office hours.

  • Charging stations for smartphones and tablets

    The buildings Horst, Bastille, University library (Vrijhof) and Hall B offer charging terminals for phones and tablets. These can be used free of charge. As yet, they are placed in the context of a pilot: the use of these charging stations will be measured, after which it is determined what the next steps will be.

  • Student pastoral care, sanctuary and mosque

    The Student Pastoral Care Centre, sanctuary (room 2.29) and a mosque (room 3.01) are all located inside the Vrijhof building. More information can be found on the following webpage.

  • Bike and car rental

    Bike and car rental on campus is available through the GoAbout app, available for Android and iOS. For more information see flowtwente.goabout.com (in Dutch).

  • Charging stations for electric cars and bicycles

    There are charging stations for bicycles in the bike sheds for the staff of the buildings Waaier, Horst, Cubicus, Sports Centre, Spiegel, Designlab and Vrijhof.

    Charging stations for electric cars are available in various parking areas.

  • Laundromat (washing and drying units)

    There are two laundromats at the University of Twente. One unit is located at the Bastille building at the loading dock, close to the Coop supermarket. This is a facility offered by the Student Union.

    The other one is located at the Witbreuksweg.

    The units consists of multiple washers, for up to 8 or 18 kilos of laundry; and one dryer for 18 kilos of freshly washed clothing. They cost € 5,- € 10,- and € 2,- respectively.