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One of the BMS Lab's services domain is providing support for Education to the BMS faculty, staff and students. Our Educational Coordinator at the BMS Lab is dedicated to working alongside faculty professors in embedding technology into their classrooms. Our educational expert and the rest of the team can support professors and students on differing educational or research-related matters.

Our main educational services are: 

  • Consultancy

    BMS faculty staff and students can come to the BMS Lab to consult with our employees on a wide range of areas regarding innovative research and technology in research or education. You can plan an appointment with our educational coordinator to consult on the following:

    • Bringing technology & knowledge from the lab to the classroom.
    • Research Methodology (for innovative research).
    • Ideation & project set-up for the right technology. 
  • Execution of education

    Upon request, our team can create and provide customised learning materials for your course based on our in-house expertise. These can be delivered through the execution of the following:

    • Courses, workshops, lectures and seminars.
    • Tutorials & online courses for our technologies and software.
  • Support for courses

    Professors who want to embed technology and software into their courses can contact our team for support. Our team can work with professors to further develop or change their courses in a co-creation process to:

    • Integration of the latest technology from the BMS Lab into courses.
    • Custom curriculum design.
    • Expert guest lectures and student guidance.
    • Immersive learning through VR environments, software and serious games developed by The BMS Lab.
  • Creation of learning materials and instructions

    As a hub for innovative research and technology, we continuously generate new knowledge and research opportunities. We share our expertise with you through our instructional materials aimed at:

    • Dissemination of the latest developments and knowledge from the lab.
    • Inspiring future research in the various domains explored at the lab.
    • Training on operating our advanced equipment and software.
Peter Slijkhuis, Educational Coordinator at The BMS Lab

Dear colleagues! As you are aware, technology plays a crucial role in the way we teach and learn today. At the BMS Lab, we are dedicated to helping academic staff integrate technology for research into their courses in meaningful ways. Whether you're looking to co-create new modules and courses with us, implement existing materials into your courses, or simply have a coffee and chat about the possibilities, we are here to support you. You'll be joining a growing number of colleagues who are working with us to bring the latest research techniques into the classroom and student research and make education more engaging for students. So why not come and see what we can do together?

We look forward to welcoming you to the BMS Lab!

Peter Slijkhuis, Educational Coordinator at The BMS Lab


Do you have questions?

Are you not sure how to proceed? Or, are you not sure that the project fits with the lab? Then please contact us and provide us with information we can use to evaluate your proposal. More importantly, please include as much information from the form as possible.

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