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Extended-product lifecycle management 2.0: Knowledge sharing

Description project

The project ‘E-PLM 2.0’ aims to improve the collaboration between 23 companies who strive to improve the life cycle of their products. Because of that, their products can be improved faster and more pragmatically. This can entail technical improvements, new applications (e.g., virtual reality), but also a cheaper and/or more efficient production process.

To achieve this, teams are set up in which employees from several companies work together on a specific question. Knowledge sharing between those team members is crucial for the team’s success. Within the E-PLM 2.0 project, the department of Educational Science studies the process of knowledge sharing, the factors that influence it, and ways to stimulate it.


Ellen Nathues, Msc.

Dr. Mireille Hubers

Dr. Maaike Endedijk

Prof. dr. Ton de Jong

Contact Persons

Dr. Mireille Hubers -

Duration of the project

October2017 - October 2020