Implementing and sustaining organizational change

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This project focuses on the processes of learning and changing work-related behaviors in relation to planned organizational change. This means that she focuses on organizations that have a deliberate intention to make a large-scale change that affects the day-to-day operations of their organization. Mireille aims to understand how these change processes unfold over time and why they unfold in that manner. In addition, she aims to intervene in these processes in order to help organizations successfully implement and sustain organizational changes. In her studies, she combines theories of workplace learning and theories of routine dynamics.

Technology plays an important role in organizational change. Technological developments usually are an important trigger for organizational change and especially technological companies face a continuous need to keep up to date with those developments. Moreover, technology plays a role in supporting organizations to facilitate their change processes.

Expected outcomes

This line of research aims to contribute to our understanding of the role individual employees and the organization as a whole play in change processes. Examples of current research questions include: How do organizational learning, innovation and change relate to each other? Which processes of learning and changing work-related behaviors at the individual level cause homogenous and heterogenous behavioral outcomes at the organizational level?

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Mireille Post-Hubers  -  project leader and contact person

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2016 and ongoing

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