Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering

Description project

Our society is digitising at a rapid pace. Wonderful innovations are produced, but they may also pose major risks. Solving digitalisation and security challenges in today's society is therefore a priority. To address these questions, knowledge institutions, companies, and government work together at the Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering (CVD). In this knowledge centre, there is a strong focus on professional development for digital safety & security, backed up by an accompanying separate research program as well as relevant educational programs (and new ones under development) at the participating knowledge institutes. There is strong involvement from companies (big and small) as well as various governmental organizations such as municipalities.

Lifelong learning takes an important place in the Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering, as sharing knowledge, interorganizational collaboration and ongoing personal and professional development are crucial to deal with the rapid changes in the field. Research is being conducted on new ways of learning that prepare professionals for the insecure future they are facing. Continuous learning pathways are being developed in collaboration with public and private companies. Learning, working and innovation are united in so-called Learning Communities, where professionals with different backgrounds work together to solve challenges. This all with the ultimate goal to create a safe, digital country.

main goals education & research

  1. Many more people can safely and responsibly work with current and future digital and data-driven systems.
  2. Many more students and professionals have up-to-date knowledge and skills to digital technology used responsibly to ensure safety.
  3. Developing knowledge and expertise about the relationship between security and digitization for society and business developments.

involved researchers

Maaike Endedijk - Project leader
Nick Goossen
Monique Docter



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For more information about the Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering, take a look at this page or the website of the CVD.