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Virtual Reality training of public speech skills in engineering education

Description project

The skills to provide effective and convincing presentation for various audiences become more and more important for engineers. However, engineering education curricula are full and the numbers of students in those studies grow quickly. As a result, the training of presentation skills receives relatively little attention. Teachers make don’t have the time nor the space to provide intensive presentation skills training, let alone that they have time to provide formative feedback to individual students. The use of Virtual Reality (VR) might offer an effective solution. With this technology, students can train their presentation skills, individually or in small groups, by presenting for virtual audiences. The aim of this project is to develop instruction and materials that facilitate and support using VR effectively in 4TU engineering curricula. Furthermore, the research aim of this project is to provide insight into the user experience and into the effectiveness of the developed training, materials, and instruments.

Expected outcomes

involved researchers

Dr. Bas Kollöffel  -  project leader and contact person

Duration of the project

May 2019 – On hold

Funding and partners

Funded by: 4TU. Centre for Engineering Education

Partners: University of Twente Language Center, the University of Twente Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) team, and the BMS Lab.

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