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Disruptive technologies / Virtual Reality Training Simulator & Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality EPLM 2.0

Description project

In the E-PLM 2.0 initiative, Dutch organizations of different sizes, industries, and maturities collaborate to improve the life cycle management of their products and services. Multiple heterogenous teams have been formed, comprising members from different organizations and functional backgrounds, to work on the question how AR / VR can be used in an effective and economically responsible way for certain use cases? The aim is to be able to carry out start-up, training and (maintenance) assistance more effectively, safely and / or more efficiently.

Expected outcomes

Recommendations and design guidelines for VR/AR and CAD developers.

involved researchers

Dr. Bas Kollöffel  -  project leader & contact person
Maaike Otten MSc  -

Duration of the project

January 2018 – January 2022

Funding and partners

Funding: EU and OP OOST

Partners: Apollo Vredestein, Demcon, Eluxis, Recreate, Serious VR, Thales, and University of Twente.

project website

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Publications related to this project

  • Bas Kollöffel (June 19th, 2019). Virtual reality (VR) as training tool: Magical solution or just another hype? Presentation at the Second Technical Communication Day at the University of Twente: Learning, Instructing & Technology: New Insights from Practice and Research.