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Persistence prevails! Sustaining educational change in science and technology

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Even though the interventions of Centre of Expertise “Tech Your Future” show positive effects on teachers’ professional development, it is not yet known to what extent these changes are sustainable. However, such information is crucial for refining these interventions, optimizing their effectiveness, and making an informed decision on whether or not they are worth the investment of efforts and resources. Therefore, it is important that both educators and researchers gain insight into the sustainability of the changes that are made in education. The present project is aimed at conducting a context-analysis to gain further insight into the key issues and stakeholders’ needs regarding a sustainable implementation of science and technology in education.

Expected outcomes

This project will result in the following products:

  • An overview of factors influencing the sustainability of professional development programs for science and technology.
  • An overview of design requirements for instruments that can be used to measure the extent to which schools made sustainable changes in their education.


Mireille Hubers
Maaike Endedijk

contact person

Mireille Hubers  -

Duration of the project

July 2016 - present

Funding and partners

Centre of Expertise “Tech Your Future”

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