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Looking back on the Recognition & Rewards Festival

On 4 February 2022, the second edition of the Recognition & Rewards Festival took place. It was a day of interaction and inspiration. During this online event, participants discussed opportunities, challenges, culture and system changes in academia. UT was also present at the festival with a stand from Mindlab, contributions to the various workshops and the participation of HRM professor Tanya Bondarouk in one of the round table discussions. 

In two round tables, three rounds of workshops, a speed dating round and a plenary session, more than 80 speakers and moderators contributed to this event. Over 700 people participated online.

After the welcome speech, Prof. R.H. Dijkgraaf, the new Minister of Education, Culture and Science, expressed his support for the Recognition & Rewards programme. He stated: "I am very proud that the Netherlands is leader in this global discussion."

Round table discussions
In the round table discussion Looking back and looking forward, the participants reflected on the Recognition & Appreciation programme. What is going well and what should we improve? It was an interesting discussion that, despite some differences of opinion, led to some good conclusions.

This was followed by the round table discussion Recognition of teamwork and team spirit, in which Tanya Bondarouk of the UT participated. The panelists shared their experiences with teams and teamwork and discussed how teamwork should be evaluated. When asked whether there is still room for individual research, Bondarouk replied: "In science, there are always people around you. (...) So you might wonder how much individual work is really individual."

After a plenary closing, this successful day came to an end. We look forward to the next edition. Would you like to know more about the festival? Or do you want to watch the discussions? Go to https://recognitionrewards.nl/festival/recap-recognition-rewards-festival-2022/.

Recognition and Rewards
Recognition and rewards is an important theme within our university. We value equality, inclusiveness and accessibility. Regardless of individual jobs or duties at UT, everyone's talents contribute to a safe, fair, inclusive, tech-enabled tomorrow. We are therefore committed to recognize and reward the talents of all people at our university: scientists, teachers, support staff and students.

Learn more about Recognition and Rewards at UT at: https://www.utwente.nl/en/service-portal/topics/recognise-reward-talent/#recognise-and-reward-room-for-everybody-s-talent.