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Employee well-being full report 2021 Results wave 1, wave 2, wave 3

In 2021 we measured well-being within the UT at three different times. The third and final survey took place in November. Throughout the year, 1406 employees shared their experiences regarding their personal well-being. 

The general satisfaction with the UT scores slightly higher with a 7.7 compared to the 7.5 in wave 1 and 2. In all three measurements we see a high level of involvement and an experienced high workload. In the final measurement we see that work-life balance is considered slightly better. 50% of respondents perceive their work-life balance as good.

In addition to the sub results, the full report also gives more specific information per faculty and/or service department. Overall, we don’t see huge differences between them.

Curious about the results? The report is attached to this post. The full report, and previous reports, is also available on utwente.nl/employee-wellbeing.