Starting Applied Mathematics

In short: before you start the programme

  1. Choose a specialization
  2. Choose a chair within that specialization
  3. Choose your courses (according to the rules TER /  AM website)
  4. Fill out the course form and discuss this with / have it approved by the chairholder/contact of your chair
  5. Create a Mastermath account
  6. Register in Osiris for the courses in the first quarter
  7. Build your timetable on

Specialization and research chairs

Within our Applied Mathematics programme we offer three specializations. The first one focusses on applied analysis, computational science, and systems theory (SACS), the second on operations research (OR) and the third on Data Science (DS). The research and education within the specializations is organized by our research chairs. Your choice of specialization and the chair within that specialization will influence the courses you'll have to take and the kind or projects you will do during your internship and graduation. 

When you start your programme and specialization you will compose your course programme together with the chairholder of a research chair of your liking, or in case of Data Science, with the programme mentor. If you are unsure which specialization and chair you want to choose you can visit the websites of the chairs and read about their research. Hopefully this will help you make your choice for a specialization, and within the first quarter, also a chair. If you are still debating what chair would fit best, you should still meet with one of the professors of the specialization of your choice and make a preliminary choice.

Specialization Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science (SACS)

 Specialization Operations Research

Specialization Data Science

Programme mentor: Associate professor Jasper Goseling
Possible chairs: DS, or one of the chairs mentioned above.

AM programme and choosing courses

The applied mathematics programme consists of 120 EC divided over two years. On the AM website you will find the AM course programme 2019-2020  Depending on your preferred specialization you will follow either the blue (SACS), green (OR), or orange (MDS) track. The red courses are core mathematics courses and mandatory for all students. The official rules concerning the course programme are described in the teaching and examination regulations (TER, or OER in Dutch). 

Course programme approval

When you start your programme we advise you to contact one or more chairholders/programme mentor to talk about your course programme and the topics you are interested in. With their advise you will build your programme out of the mandatory courses supplemented with specialization courses and in some cases electives from related programmes and fields of application (e.g. physics, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering). If you have found a chair of your liking and composed your programme, you will need the chairholder of the chair to approve your programme. For Data Science you will first meet with programme mentor Jasper Goseling, and based on your programme choices meet with a chair after. You can arrange this by filling out the programme form on the AM website and handing in a signed copy to our Office of Educational Affairs. 

Academic year

A year is divided into 2 semesters and 4 quarters (roughly 1A: Sep – Nov, 1B Nov – Feb, 2A: Feb – Apr, 2B: Apr – Jul). The upcoming quarter you need to pick (around) 15 EC in courses. As 15 EC is the recommended study load per quarter. Because the AM programme is composed of semester courses and courses that only last a quarter, building a course programme can be a bit of a challenge. So it is best to start looking into the courses at an early stage.   


Some courses in our programme are nationwide courses organized by the Mastermath programme. This is where all math programmes within the Netherlands combine their strengths and expertise to offer joint courses open to all math students. In order to access more detailed course information and schedules you can create an account on the Mastermath website (go to login). The courses we offer within our programme are generally scheduled on Monday and are often semester courses.

Educational Systems

A list of our educational systems and other (important) applications / facilities (login with your ICT account: student number s0000000, and password):

More information about the educational systems: 


On the AM website you can also find most of the people (including me) involved with organizational side of the AM programme. Some important ones:

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