Stochastic Operations Research

The mission of the Stochastic Operations Research group (SOR) is to conduct mathematical education and research of internationally high standards in the areas of stochastic processes and mathematics of operations research, to contribute to the development of mathematics in a multidisciplinary engineering environment, and to contribute to a better understanding and functioning of our increasingly complex society.

Operations Research aims at the development of mathematical models and methods for the design, control and optimisation of complex systems. Within this broad field, SOR focuses on mathematical challenges in the area of stochastic processes and its engineering environment in societally relevant areas of application, such as communications, production & logistics, and health care. ... read more

Latest news

Hamed Ghasemieh completed his MSc in Applied Mathematics cum laude

On 29 november 2016 Hamed Ghasemieh defended his MSc thesis entitled `Influence of short cycles on the PageRank distribution in scale-free random graphs'. ... read more

01-11-2016: Thomas Schneider wint CTIT posterprijs 2016

Met zijn poster ‘Online multi appointment scheduling cardiology outpatient clinic’ werd Thomas Schneider winnaar van de postercompetitie tijdens het CTIT symposium, op 1 november 2016. De poster toont een algoritme dat Thomas Schneider ontwikkelde voor het maken van afspraken bij de polikliniek Cardiologie bij het LUMC. ... read more

Pim van der Hoorn defended his PhD thesis cum laude

Pim van der Hoorn defended his PhD thesis cum laude on October 7, 2016. The thesis entitled `Asymptotic analysis of network structures: degree-degree correlations and directed paths’ solves several fundamental problems in analysis of large directed networks. For example, how do we measure whether popular nodes are usually connected to other popular nodes? The answer to this question has important implications such as networks robustness to attacks, and resistance to virus spreading. ... read more

Symposium: Advances in Random Graphs and Complex Networks

On the occasion of the public defense of the thesis: Asymptotic analysis of network structures: degree-degree correlations and directed graphs of Pim van der Hoorn, we organize a symposium on the topic of complex networks. ... read more