Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming

Welcome to the website of the group ''Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming (DMMP)''. We work in the mathematics and practice of Operations Research, in particular Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation & Online Algorithms, Mathematical Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Game Theory, and Mechanism Design.

On this website you find more information about us and our work, which hopefully you will find useful.

Latest news

Kamiel Cornelissen defended his PhD thesis

On May 27th, 2016 Kamiel Cornelissen successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Smoothed Analysis of Belief Propagation and Minimum-Cost Flow Algorithms”. ... read more

Loes Knoben graduated MSc cum laude

On My 25, MSc student Loes Knoben graduated as MSc in Applied Mathematics cum laude. ... read more

Dagstuhl seminar "Probabilistic Methods in the Design and Analysis of Algorithms"

The Dagstuhl seminar "Probabilistic Methods in the Design and Analysis of Algorithms", organized by Bodo Manthey (UT-EWI-DMMP), Claire Mathieu (CNRS), Heiko Röglin (Bonn), and Eli Upfal (Brown) has been approved and will take place in April 2017. ... read more


MSc student Victor Reijnders nominee for TGS PhD award

Victor Reijnders was selected as one of the six candidates for the TGS PhD award 2016. ... read more