Welcome to the Biomedical Photonic Imaging group

We investigate the use of light for medical purposes. Our final aim is to develop optical and hybrid optical-acoustical technologies for medical diagnosis, in particular in the fields of oncology and wound healing. Physiological properties of primary interest to us are microcirculatory blood flow, hemoglobin concentrations, and blood oxygenation. Our approaches include physical research into light-tissue interaction and its measurement, biomedical engineering to realize suitable instrumentation for in vivo use, and clinical evaluation together with several medical partners.

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Photoacoustic imaging


Acousto-optic imaging


Wavefront shaping


Flow measurement with dynamic optical speckles

Latest news

Paper on wave correlations published in Nature Physics

In collaboration with the California Institute of Technology and the Exzellenzcluster NeuroCure Charité Berlin, we discovered an new type of wave correlations inside biological tissue. We expect that this effect can be used to image objects hidden deep inside tissue. ... read more

Sjoukje Schoustra - I year PhD student

Welcome to Sjoukje as Mederwerker Onderzoek - I year PhD student

Sjoukje Schoustra has been appointed as Medewerker Onderzoek since 15 June 2015, on the Photoacoustic Mammography (PAMmography) project. ... read more

Congratulations Dr. Altaf Hussain

On 20th of May 2015, Altaf Hussain successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled:“Towards optical absorption imaging by combining photoacoustic and ultrasound modulated optical tomography” ... read more

Pioneers in Health Care Innovation Fund vouchers for Nienke Bosschaart and Srirang Manohar

Two of the 8 vouchers of the joint innovation fund from the UT-MIRA, ZGT and MST, have been granted to BMPI. ... read more