Welcome to the Biomedical Photonic Imaging group

We investigate the use of light for medical purposes. Our final aim is to develop optical and hybrid optical-acoustical technologies for medical diagnosis, in particular in the fields of oncology and wound healing. Physiological properties of primary interest to us are microcirculatory blood flow, hemoglobin concentrations, and blood oxygenation. Our approaches include physical research into light-tissue interaction and its measurement, biomedical engineering to realize suitable instrumentation for in vivo use, and clinical evaluation together with several medical partners.

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Photoacoustic imaging


Acousto-optic imaging


Flow measurement with dynamic optical speckles


Contrast enhancement of photoacoustics using gold nanoparticles

Latest news

BMPI welcomes Redmar.

Redmar Vlieg is a Biomedical Engineering master student. In coming months, Redmar will work on the new setup for photoacoustic tomography of finger joints. ... read more

Peter van Es won the "Best Poster" award

December 1st 2014: Peter van Es has won a Poster award at the MIRA day on the 27th of November. During the event, which took place at the Hatrans Lounge of the Grolsch Veste stadium, he received a price of 250 euro. ... read more

BMPI welcomes two new members

December 1st 2014: BMPI welcomes two new members. Last month, two new students joined BMPI for their Master assignments.

Gerwin Osnabrugge [Left] is a Biomedical Engineering master student. In coming months, Gerwin will investigate the anisotropic memory effect, which describes the similarity between different interference patterns created by light propagating through a scattering medium. Using this principle, he hope to image fluorescent structures beyond the ballistic regime. For detailed information about this project, contact Dr. Ivo Vellekoop (i.m.vellekoop@utwente.nl). ... read more


Several exciting papers got published in the last few months. ... read more