Human milk and lactation

Human milk and lactation

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Breastfeeding has unique and unparalleled advantages for mothers and infants: it supports optimal physical and cognitive development, it protects against infections, and it plays an important role in the development of our microbiome[i]. But despite all of these benefits, many mothers experience breastfeeding problems, and many aspects of human milk and lactation are not yet completely understood[ii].

We use our optical technologies to learn more about the composition of human milk and the physiology of lactation. The majority of our research is currently funded by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC): LactIns-and-outs.

team N. Bosschaart (Nienke)
Adjunct Professor - Principal investigator
ir. J.R. de Wolf MSc (Hanna)
PhD Candidate D. Thompson (David)
Postdoctoral researcher
C.W. Verveld (Wietske)
PhD Candidate
A. Boamfa (Ana)
PhD Candidate
Vera Lammens
BSc student - Biomedical Engineering
Eva Mulders
BSc student - Biomedical Engineering
Lonneke Heerkes
BSc student - Biomedical Engineering
Rozan Gierveld
BSc student - Biomedical Engineering


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Master Students

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Further reading

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ii. TED talk by Prof. Katie Hinde: What we don't know about mother's milk