Educational programmes:

The Department of Public Administration (PA)

The Department of Public Administration (PA) is responsible for research and education in the areas of Public Administration, European Studies and Public Management and Policy. It approaches these issues from a multilevel perspective with a focus of the relationship between sub-national, national, European and global levels of governance. PA is a multidisciplinary group of researchers, combining economic, legal, political and sociological perspectives in a strong methodological setting.

Research is mainly embedded in the multi-disciplinary research program Innovation of Governance of the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies - IGS, which focuses mainly on changes in the relationships between citizens and their government at various levels (local, regional, EU and global) with specific attention for the emergence of multilevel governance, from the viewpoints of legitimacy and effectiveness.

Two central themes, Democracy and European Governance and Integration, are covered by two IGS Centres of Expertise: the Centre for the Study of Democracy and the Centre for European Studies.

The Department is composed of the following disciplinary groups:


Economic Governance


Law and Regulation


Political Science and Research Methods


Public Management


Sociology of Public Governance

Latest news

Verdediging proefschrift Jan Lunsing - De Kloof - Effecten van transparant welstandstoezicht, buurtbudgetten en referenda op de door burgers waargenomen afstand tot het bestuur

Woensdag 13 mei om 14.45 uur in Waaier 4 verdedigt Jan Lunsing zijn proefschrift 'De Kloof' ... read more

Recent publication (AOP) in Acta Politica by Jans, Denters, Need and Van Gerven

Mandatory innovation in a decentralised system: The adoption of an e-government innovation in Dutch municipalities

Local governments, especially in decentralised states, are increasingly performing tasks previously the responsibility of national government as well as new tasks. This research studies the conditions affecting the adoption of a mandated e-government innovation – ‘Basic Registration Addresses and Buildings’ (BAG), in Dutch municipalities (N=429) between 2008 and 2011. In contradiction to what theory suggested, a great deal of variation in the timing of adoption was found. The results of Event History Analysis (EHA) show that early adoption of BAG was primarily the result of a municipality’s command over resources. More resourceful municipalities, that is, with better past e-government performance, that are better informed, and included in more extensive policy networks were more likely to adopt this innovation relatively early. Of the motivational factors included in our study, the degree of political alignment between the municipal council and national government proved an important factor in the timing of a municipality’s adoption. This is a surprising finding, as it is an uncontroversial and technical governance innovation. This research also shows that classical diffusion explanations play a role, even in the case of a mandated innovation for which the time frame, and thus the time to learn from other governments, was relatively short. ... read more

Martin Rosema appointed as Co-Editor of Political Psychology

Martin Rosema has been appointed as Co-Editor of the journal Political Psychology. This is the flagship journal of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP) published by Wiley-Blackwell. Political Psychology is an interdisciplinary journal that is ranked in the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information ) top 20 of both Political Science and Social Psychology. The co-editorship is for five years. Martin Rosema works as assistant professor of political science in the department of Public Administration. ... read more

Ann Morissens received an InGRID visiting grant

Ann Morissens received an InGRID visiting grant (EU7th framework) to work on the project: Role of childcare services in combating single parent poverty. She will visit the Swedish Institute for Social Research in May 2015. ... read more