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Vast of vloeibaar? Zachte deeltjes en de glasovergang in zachte materie

Soft, glasslike materials have gained attention of researchers in the last couple of years, due to their ability of becoming a solid with a very soft structure. These structures can very well describe for instance human tissue or liquid/glass transition. PCF researchers have written an article about the latter in PRL. ... read more


NanoNed Innovation Award voor Helmut Rathgen

The NanoNed Innovation Award has been awarded to Helmut Rathgen, PhD student at Physics of Compex Fluids. Helmut Rathgen recieved his award for his invention of a new ultra sound detector. ... read more


Poster Prize for Sissi de Beer

Sissi de Beer won the first prize for best poster at Veeco’s Seeing at the Nanoscale VI meeting. ... read more


Selected TOPpaper 2007 in Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

The article "Electrowetting-controlled droplet generation in a microfluidic flow-focusing device" is selected as a TOPpaper in Journal of Physics Condensed Matter ... read more