UTFacultiesTNWResearchDept CEPCF2008Accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters

Accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters

The hydrodynamic resistance imposed by microscale soft objects such as living cells, drops and bubbles is a governing parameter driving the success of many lab-on-chip applications. In this study, we designed a miniaturized fluidic version of a multimeter with improved sensitivity called microfluidic comparator that will allow the measurement of flow resistance of such soft objects. Our analysis of the scaling between interface displacement and excess pressure drop in a comparator revealed that the sensitivity could be tuned by manipulating the aspect ratio of the channel geometry.

The article can be found here:

Scaling of interface displacement in a microfluidic comparator, S. A. Vanapalli, D. van den Ende, M. H. G. Duits and F. Mugele, Applied Physics Letters, 90, 114109, 2007