Our university prides itself for many intiatives to include students in decision-making. However, we have recognised that these initiatives are still mostly attended by a small number of students most ready to make a commitment to them. What happens in those initiatives is often not intrusive or transparent enough for most students to become engaged. Initiatives that do reach out to the wider student population, such as surveys, are often too limited in scope to accept a wide variety of opinions. What is needed is a more intrusive means of student involvement, a probe that engages students in places where they are and allows expression of opinion in a wide variety of engaging ways. 

The VoxBox is a student-lead initiative that strives to create direct student involvement in decision making. It provides opportunity for students to drop opinions, sketch, or give ideas for improving our campus. By moving around the students environment, it invites immediate, spontanues involvement. Bringing change-making power directly to the students. 

The usage of the box would carried on behalf of a university stakeholder, asking questions about design of university grounds, strategies, policies, and more. Students would be incentivise to give their output in any way they see fit, such as drawing, writing, or simply pressing buttons.