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reimagining public infrastructure

The workshop will consist of a short background on the Blue Indy ridesharing system and public space in Indianapolis. Followed by a description of some of the commonly cited problems/opportunities of the city. This will allow us to “share problems [we] are facing on [our] campus or [our] region, and how [we] are dealing with them.” Then leading into a direct articulation of the current problem space, a description of where it falls in our design process, and some time will be given to answer questions that participants may have.

A facilitated ideation process will take place, and participants will be placed in smaller groups for more constructive conversation (this will vary based on group participant turnout). Afterwards, groups will be brought back together to share their ideas with everyone else, and the opportunity for short feedback will be given. 

Lastly, we will reflect on the importance of divergent and convergent thinking in ideation, and describe what the next steps would be in a real-world situation.

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