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The power of autonomy: making an impact and navigating (institutional) barriers

Ever wondered what it takes to make an impact at your university or workplace? A key ingredient you might want to foster is autonomy.

In this workshop, we will explore the meaning of autonomy and present the inner workings of DesignLab - a vibrant platform at the University of Twente which enables students and fellows to lead their own impact. This will be followed by a couple of tips on how you can foster autonomy in your team and with the stakeholders you encounter throughout your projects. Edo de Wolf, Project Coordinator at DesignLab, will present and moderate the session.

This workshop is aimed at sharing practical pointers you can apply in your own (entrepreneurial) projects. For this reason, it will be more focused on knowledge sharing as opposed to a brainstorm session. The moderator will present advice based on their own experience but throughout the 24-minute session, there will be room to share your own ideas and knowledge in the form of small activities.

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