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Parikshit Phadke wins best poster award Poster presentation prize: EMRS 2018

X-ray and plasma induced modifications are one of the leading research items on the itinerary of the XUV Focus Group. With research that potentially benefits applications ranging from optics for synchrotron radiation, to plasma facing components, the group aims to bridge the gap between the pure academic and the applied physicist.

A glimpse of the endeavors could be seen at the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) Symposium on radiation induced damage in materials. The conference, held between 18-22 June in Strasbourg, showcased the work of Parikshit Phadke (presenting author) on low energy ion induced sputter damage. He was awarded first place for his detailed understanding of experimental methodology and clarity of presentation.

The research relies on sensitive mass loss detection methods, coupled with hard X-ray metrology techniques to study ion induced thin film damage. It is one of the many ongoing topics of research at the XUV Group in collaboration with industrial partners such as Carl Zeiss GmbH, ASML and TNO.