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Cristiane R.S. Vilas Boas wins best poster award poster prize on oxigen diffusion

The Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics is known for its expertise on thin film research with atomic-scale physics and chemistry, for new types of XUV and soft X-ray optics. One of the key topics focuses on the oxygen interaction and diffusion in nanometric films. This is due to its relevance for protective layers for optics and other applications, such as solid oxide fuel cells and memristors.

The research developed on this topic by XUV was recognized at the 14th International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids (DSL-2018), held between 25-29 June in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where the PhD student Cristiane R. S. Vilas Boas was granted with the Best Poster Award for the presentation entitled "Isotopic labelling study of oxygen diffusion in oxide thin films by low energy ion scattering". The award was assigned to Cristiane due to her outstanding presentation and discussion of the topic.

The research presented is related to the analysis of the interaction between reactive oxygen species and oxide thin films. This topic is part of a project developed in collaboration with industrial partner Carl Zeiss SMT and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).