MSc Diploma

If, after completing the three courses, you wish to qualify for the MSc diploma, you will need to complete a Final Master (Company) Assignment. This part contains a written and oral report of a (part of) the activities within the company you work for. This has to prove that the activities are being performed on an academic level. The scope of the activities from the report has to be comparable to the MSc assignment of a regular master student of the Chemical & Process Engineering programme (40 EC). In addition, the activities must contain research- and/or design aspects.

Admission MSc programme Chemical Science & Engineering

The examination board of the MSc programme Chemical Science & Engineering has a separate admission procedure for course participants who have successfully completed all three elements of the course Process Technology. This is described in the Rules and Regulations CSE. The nominal study load for the MSc Chemical Science & Engineering is determined for 120 EC (3.360 hours) in the Higher education and Research Act ("Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek"). This equals a full-time, two-year study programme.

Are you in posession of all three Process Technology certificates and do you want to be admitted to the MSc exam of the programme Chemical Science & Engineering? Send a written request to the secretary of the Examination Board of the MSC programme CSE. A written request includes an extensive CV with an overview of all education and relevant working experience. The course coordinator will guide you during your request.

The Examination Board will grant exemption for (almost) all courses of the master programme, with exception of the final assignment. In addition, they will appoint a graduation committee that, at a minimum, consists of a chair, a secretary and a member of the scientific staf that is knowledgable about the topic on which the candidate reports. This committee determines whether a candidate has shown a research or design of sufficient scientific level that meets the final terms of a regular graduation assignment.

As an enrolled MSc-student, you will pay the annual statutory tuition fee.