Process Technology Course

Develop further in the process industry

Are you working in the process industry? And are you in possession of a higher professional education diploma, but would you like to develop yourself further? Or are you looking for specific knowledge in the field of process technology and want to develop further in the field? The Process Technology course at the University of Twente offers you the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills and to develop further in your career.

Why this course?

Many important positions in the process industry require an academic education. However, professionals with a college or master's degree from another discipline sometimes lack knowledge on specific topics in process technology. In order to still have this knowledge, additional or retraining is required. The Process Technology course is aimed at retraining and upskilling process industry professionals.

The Faculty Science & Technology at the University of Twente has extensive experience in training and retraining professionals in the field of process technology. In over 40 years, more than 500 participants have successfully completed the Process Technology course and another 250 have taken the advanced course.

Course Highlights

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Practical information

The Process Technology course is entirely in English and is divided into three courses. Prior to the course, we provide an introduction course annually during the months of January through April. This course is not mandatory, but depending on your background is highly recommended.

After completing the three courses, you can earn the full master's degree.

Study duration

The study duration depends greatly on the time you can devote to attending and studying the various subjects. As an indication. If you take 1 subject/5 ECTS per quartile, you will have the 3 certificates after 4 years.


The costs differ per part. See what costs you have to take into account.

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