Polymer Center Twente

Creating a sustainable future for polymers and plastics for the generations to come is of pivotal importance since a world without plastics is unimaginable.


  1. Exploit the available and broad combined complementary expertise in polymeric materials at UT to tackle current challenges in Polymer Science with a major focus on developing zero (or negative) emission life cycles and polymers for Circular Economy.
  2. Communicate the joined efforts of UT in state-of-the-art Polymer Science.


  1. Using existing infrastructure of two faculties, (at least) 14 research Groups.
  2. Aligned Education
  3. Affiliated to other UT initiatives, such as the Materials Lab or other Centers (e.g. Molecules, Membranes,…)

Addressing existing societal challenges to create a sustainable world. The scope of Polymer Center Twente allows the creation of a pivotal, competitive, and vibrant environment that must be capable of earning regional, national, and international recognition.


Initiated 1st of June 2021; 2 Faculties, 16 professors (plus teams) involved to date.