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Polymers in Biomedical Applications

Polymers in biomedical applications

Dr. Olga Koshkina

At the Polymer Center Twente, we are dedicated to the development of innovative polymer materials that address challenges in human health. Our research is focused on developing new solutions for diagnosis and treatment, as well as new tools for biomedical polymer research. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including the synthesis of tailor-made polymers using controlled polymerization techniques such as anionic ring opening polymerization, metathesis, and controlled radical polymerization. We also conduct fundamental research into the development of polymer colloids, hydrogels, and other polymeric systems, where we implement new chemistry to control material properties.

In addition to synthesis and fundamental research, our team is experienced in surface modification with hydrophilic polymers, particularly bioinspired polyphosphoesters and biomolecules, including lipid coatings. Our broad range of characterization methods includes polymer and particle analytics using scattering methods, mechanical testing, microscopy (light, electron), and NMR spectroscopy.

Furthermore, we conduct biomedical testing in cell culture and in vivo to assess the safety and efficacy of our materials. Our research spans from fundamental studies in the synthesis of new materials and unraveling their function, to first functional testing in cell and animal models.Image / video with text