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Polymer Membranes

Polymer membranes

Prof. Dr. Wiebe de Vos

In the circular economy of the future, membranes will make a difference: they allow gases and liquids to be separated in a low-energy, efficient way, while generating much smaller waste streams. Membrane technology contributes among others to providing clean water globally and sustainable energy production. Polymers play a crucial role in the development of membrane materials due to their versatile properties, allowing for tailormade solutions for specific applications. The Membrane Science and Technology cluster at the Polymer Centre Twente draws on the University of Twente's rich tradition of research in this field, bringing together 60 researchers from various scientific disciplines. Our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities attract research groups from around the world, as well as high-tech companies such as Shell and Philips. Through our partnerships with organizations like Wetsus and the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, we are driving innovation in sustainable water technology and generating spin-off companies like X-Flow, NX Filtration, and Convergence.

Scanning electron microscopy iamge of a membrane prepared through self-assembly of a block-copolymer © Wiebe de Vos