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Science and Technology programmes high achievers in new Elsevier ranking

The programmes of the Science and Technology (S&T) faculty score well in the latest Elsevier ranking. The Bachelor’s programmes in Chemical Science & Engineering (CSE) and Applied Physics (TN) and the Master’s programmes in Applied Physics (AP)Chemical Engineering (ChE) and Technical Medicine (TM) have been awarded a gold medal. The Master’s programme in Nanotechnology (NT) receives a silver medal.


For the first time, Elsevier awards medals to university degree programmes that have performed well in the National Student Survey over the last three years. A programme deserves a medal if it has scored well above average in each of the last three years and achieved one of the highest student satisfaction scores among comparable programmes in at least one of those years.

The number of years a programme is ranked among the best determines the colour of the medal they receive. One year is good for bronze and two years for silver, while the gold goes to a programme that has remained at the top for all three years.


In total, the University of Twente scores 14 medals, more than any other technical university in the Netherlands.

CSE and ChE students are especially satisfied with the staff who teach them: 87% and 89% of students, respectively, expressed their satisfaction with this aspect of their programme. With 80% of students satisfied, the TM programme scores well on education provided. The AP programme ranks among the very best. With a satisfaction score of 87% among its students, it is riding high and well above the national average of 74%.


The faculty board of Science & Technology is proud of this great achievement: ‘Thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of our staff, teachers and students, we are where we are today and we hope to continue this upward trend in the years to come.’

 The next measuring point will be 23 October. This is when the results of the National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquete, NSE) will be published.