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Exchange of first PhD student between Institute of Industrial Science in Tokyo and MESA+ Milestone for scientific collaboration

This month Prof. Boller (LPNO research group) and colleagues from the Applied Nanophotonics (ANP) Research Department welcome Natthajuks Pholsen from the Instititute of Industrial Science (IIS) of the University of Tokyo.

Natthajuks, a PhD student of Prof. Iwamoto, stays and works at MESA+ for one month. He introduced himself by presenting his work with an invited talk at the monthly ANP colloquium. The work comprises fabrication and control of quantum dots integrated in nanostructured optical waveguides, to provide single photons on demand, such as for up-scaling photonic quantum computing.

During his visit Natthajuks participates in experiments and carries out calculations within LPNO, involving diode lasers and waveguide circuits. In an effort to broaden the collaboration and facilitate future exchanges, he is discussing with Prof. Marpaung (NLNP), Prof. Vos (COPS), Prof. Pinkse, Dr. Renema (both AQO), and with more members of the respective research groups. The IIS-MESA+ collaboration has formally been started in October 2020 with a Memorandum of Understanding by the two institutes.

Natthajuks Pholsen (short name “Besto”) with Profs. Willem Vos and Klaus Boller in the campus park landscape of the university. The photo was taken in bright sunlight between two heavy rain showers.

Besto with Lisa Winkler and Govert Neijts (LPNO) who work with laser diodes and waveguide circuits.