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Here we collect events and activities that are affiliated with the UT and strongly related to our community, so that everyone who is interested can get an overview of what's happening. Besides our own initiatives, the events and activities are often offered by different organizations at our university, including, for example, the studium generale, study/student associations, research groups, and strategy and policy sections.

We are just beginning and it's hard to be always up to date. If you have initiatives and activities organized in your group, contact up and we'll add them here!

  • Your event?!

    A space waiting for ideas!

    We are teaming up with the UT library to offer a safe space for inclusive events. The only thing missing are some good ideas to fill it! Contact us and we can support you in making it happen.

  • Trans/non-binary support group

    Time and location are under revision, send an email to the mail below to stay updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The Trans&Non-binary meeting group provides a safe space for all non-cis staff and students. It doesn’t matter if you’re trans, non-binary, non-conforming, questioning, closeted, queer, any other gender or if you don’t feel like labelling yourself at all; you’re valid and very welcome to join!

    We organize meetings on campus where we talk about all things gender related, whether it is euphoric, dysphoric or neutral. While heavy topics certainly arise, we also casually talk about how our gender affects our mundane, everyday experiences. We’ve also organized picnics, potlucks and went thrifting together.

    For any and all questions, email us at:

  • Gettogether drink (23 Nov)

    Let’s start the quartile off right! Let’s meet each other and have some time to catch up and meet new people.

    We are organising an informal gettogether in Diepzat, the student bar in the basement of the Horst building. Though it’s a student bar, this gettogether is for everyone at the UT, staff and students! We hope to see you there.

    And to top it all off: the first keg (“fust”) is on us! After that, you will be asked to pay for your own drink, pin-only. 

  • Movie with Pride (13 Dec)
    Please refer to the "initiatives" page
    Movie with Pride


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February Gettogether

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