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Did you miss us? We are back!


Hi people! The year is coming to the end - almost holidays! Movie with Pride is back with the first edition of Queer share, for which we have our queer friends choose and introduce a movie that speaks to their hearts. The December one, the Handmaiden (2016), is selected by Nimisha Verma, who is part of Think with Pride UT and has been active especially during the initial growth of our community. She will introduce the film herself. In her words: "I chose this movie because it's one of those films which can make you feel good and bad at the same time. It is not your regular movie but it's also not the movie where you need to think too much. You would love the characters and hate them. And biggest of all, it's not queer focused but at the same time, can make you feel all queer instantly". 

About the film - Korea, the 1930s, during the Japanese colonization. A young woman named Sookee has been hired as a maid by the wealthy Japanese heiress Hideko. She lives on a large estate, cut off from the outside world and in the power of a tyrannical uncle. But Sookee has a secret. Want to find more? Come to see this sensual psychological thriller by Korean master director Park Chan-wook. Link to the movie info and tickets:

The September movie Pride (2014) at Concordia shared ome fighting & loving spirit and started this academic year well. In October the Dutch movie El Houb (part of Enschede Rainbow Days) situated us in the struggle between being queer and conservative surroundings in the Netherlands this day. And in November the Belgian movie Girl (2018) beautifully showed the subtle queer stuggles, about identities, social surroundings and the physical existence. I appreciate all the attention and presence. See you soon!

Movie with Pride

Think with Pride UT, together with Concordia Enschede, starts the movie program "Movie with Pride". In the evening of the second Tuesday every month, we will bring (back) a movie that addresses sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and general queerness to the big screen in the beautiful and prestigeous arthouse movie theater of Concordia, right in Enschede's city center (Oude Markt 15).

With this program we hope to further promote diversity and inclusion by connecting LGBTQIA+ people and communities (especially us at the UT!) with a broader public and the region's cultural landscape. Next to fostering coherence and connections between people and in the queer community, we try to bring up awareness of, reflection on and discussions about some crucial topics that confront the current society, including sex/gender binarity, identity politics, patriarchy and capitalism. 

“It starts with love for movies, and it grows on an activist sense to bring queer stories and representation, along with questions and reflection, more to the mainstream culture.”

Movies here are clustered into three. Read below about the three sub-programs! 

The movie normally starts at 19:30 and you can enter the venue from 19:00. After the movie we will have ample time to chat, about the movie and about life, over some drinks. One ticket costs 10 euros, 7 euros with student card. We are discussing with the university for possibilities of extra discount. We promise the movies will always be in English, either in audio or with subtitles. 


Movie with Pride consists of three types of movie activities.

Queer classics

Our selections of classic queer movies - familiar ones like the Oscar winners Midnight CowboyBoys Don't CryBrokeback Mountain, Moonlight...; global pioneering queer movie-gems like the Swedish Fucking Åmål (aka Show Me Love), Spainish La mala educación (aka Bad Education), Hongkongese 春光乍洩 (aka Happy Together), French La Vie d'Adèle (aka Blue Is the Warmest Colour), Korean 아가씨 (aka Agassi; The Handmaiden), Belgian Girl...; and masterpieces from queer author-directors like Pedro Almodóvar, François Ozon (Dans la maison, aka In the House), Apichatpong Weerasethakul (สัตว์ประหลาด, aka Sat Pralat; Tropical Malady; ลุงบุญมีระลึกชาติ, aka Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives), Tsai Ming-liang (河流, aka He Liu; The River), Gus Van Sant (Mala Noche; My Own Private Idaho; Milk)... - I can name so many of them!  

Queer share

Next to our selection, we invite people from the community, especially ones who are active at the UT and in Enschede region, to choose movies close to their hearts and share their movies with some personal talks and introductions. It should be a good occasion to get to know fellows who share similar stories, troubles, confusions and ambitions, meanwhile having perhaps interesting experiences in getting to know themselves and finding their ways of life.  

Queer now

When movies with prominent queer elements are scheduled in Concordia's own program, a special screening may be organized and included in the 'movie with pride' series next to the regular ones. The movie curator from Concordia will share with audience about how the movie connects to our queer/pride community.

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