UTTELTUpdatesTELT newsletter #15 – Summer 2021

TELT newsletter #15 – Summer 2021

The TELT team is bringing you the latest news about technological innovations for learning and teaching at the University of Twente.

Facilitating the digital (peer) feedback process with Eduflow

In our previous newsletter, we already introduced the Eduflow tool to you as a tool to facilitate the (peer) feedback process. In the meantime, several teachers have been working with Eduflow and we are happy to announce that they evaluate the use of the tool in a positive way. The user-friendliness, combination of different feedback activities and the overview of student progress are especially valued in this tool. 

“I have used Eduflow several times in my Academic English Courses for the purpose of peer and self-review of student essays. We had been searching for a peer review tool and Eduflow ticked all the boxes of what we wanted. I have found Eduflow to be very user-friendly, with several optional functions so you can tailor it to the needs for your assignment.”
Rachel Mulder, Academic English Teacher (UT Language Centre)

Want to know more about the possibilities of Eduflow? Please contact us for a demo!

PebblePad: a learning journey platform

Learning is more and more focused on personal learning journeys. Every student has a different approach in learning. To support this we recently started a pilot with Pebblepad. Pebblepad enables you to follow and support the progress of the student's individual learning journey from a web-based environment. Pebblepad makes it possible to share a portfolio with students and teachers and get valuable feedback, thus improving the portfolio even more. If you want to know more about Pebblepad or stay updated about the outcomes of this pilot, you can contact us.

Recording video lectures with The Lightboard

Are you looking for a whiteboard solution to use in online lectures and in your videos? But you struggle with the fact that normal whiteboards always require you to look back and forth? With a lightboard, you get all the benefits of a whiteboard but better! A lightboard is a whiteboard made of glass in front of you, so you can see the students (or the video camera) while writing on the lightboard. We are currently conducting a pilot with the lightboard in the UT video studio: contact us if you're interested to join. 

The hybrid education journey

Our hybrid education journey has started. From fully on-campus, to fully online to ...? During the past academic year, the UT started furnishing rooms with cameras and sound systems, preparing for future education. Some curious teachers already experimented with the set-ups at UT. Of course, with ups and downs.

TELT was looking for clarity from the didactical perspective in this hybrid education journey. Therefore, the ‘hybrid education poster’ was made, where the hybrid settings are visualized. Next to that, TELT will be involved in piloting the ‘hybrid education’ solutions, to support our teachers as much as possible when they decide to teach in a hybrid way; meaning a setting where ‘online’ and ‘in-class’ students are mixed, and simultaneously present in an educational setting.

At this moment the UT is conducting two pilots where you, as a teacher, can sign up for:

  1. The comprehensive Barco Weconnect hybrid hall (for small groups of students, max. 36 in total), where online and in-class students have nearly the same learning experience.
  2. The ‘standard’ hybrid solution, with a camera and microphone where students online can follow the lecture on-campus (no maximum for the number of online students).

A support team will be available to fully support you (technical, as well as didactical). For the results of the pilot, it would be interesting if you use a variety of teaching methods (for example interaction by voting). Are you interested? Please contact us! The support team will use the experiences to optimize the UT lecture halls and improve the support that is given.

News from the MOOC market

We are currently (continuously) running a total of seven MOOC’s at UT. You can find the full program on the website of our partner, Futurelearn. All of our MOOC’s are performing as expected, with two of them performing excellent: the new The Future of Human Resource Management MOOC (2020) and the Supply Chain Innovation MOOC.

In the coming year, we are aiming to develop at least one completely new MOOC, but we can’t do this without you. If you're interested in developing a MOOC or want to know more about the topic, please contact us!

You can follow the latest MOOC developments via Twitter:


Here are some interesting courses to follow after your (well-deserved) summer break:

The TELT team wishes you a nice and sunny summer holiday!

Who are we?

The UT established the TELT team in January 2016. TELT stands for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching. We are a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in online learning, flipped classroom, video for education, digital assessment and more. Our mission is to assist our lecturers to improve their teaching practices with the use of new technologies for teaching and learning. You can visit our website if you would like to know more about our expertise.