How to create a microlecture video in your (home) office


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  • Programme is for

    Lecturers, (assistant) proffessors, PhD candidates

  • Maximum participants


  • Time

    3 times 60 minutes over 5 weeks

  • Location


  • Trainers


  • Course materials

    Canvas course

  • Requirements

    For the workshop no pre-knowledge is required.

  • Duration and time investment

    Online sessions: 3 x 1 hour = 3 hours

    Self-study, activities and assignments = 11 hours

    Total study load is: 14 hours (0.5 EC)


At the end of the workshop you are able to deliver an effective and efficient learning experience for students by means of a pre-recorderd microlecture video. 

You will be using your own device from your home office. 


In three online workshops and weekly self-study assignments you will be guided through the process of preparing, designing, developing and implementing, and evaluating an microlecture video.

Week 1: Video in education

  • Online start session: Introduction to the course
  • Self-study: Instructional design in general and instructional video
  • Activity: Is instructional video the solution?

Week 2: Your starting situation

  • Self-study: A video script, subject domain and copyright
  • Activity: Prepare your video production design.

Week 3: Video design

  • Online session 2: Script and visuals design
  • Self-study: Slides, visuals and resources
  • Activity: Creating a script and visuals.

 Week 4: Video development

  • Self-study: How to record a video in PowerPoint (or keynote).
  • Activity: Produce your video.

 Week 5: Implementation and reflection

  • Online final session: Publish and evaluate your video
  • Activity: Share results.


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How to create a microlecture video in your (home) office
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