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Hybrid Education

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The TELT team is currently involved in conducting two pilots with different solutions for hybrid education where you, as a teacher, can sign up for. More information can be found here.


Going from traditional face to face education to online education and back again. 
Is hybrid education the solution?  

On this page guidelines, ideas and background information are provided.   

Disclaimer: Designing an effective and efficient teaching and learning environment is a complex process. In online, blended and hybrid solutions the technical competence plays an important role besides being pedagogical competent within you subject domain.  

What is hybrid education?

Hybrid education is a form of education where 'online' and 'in-class' students are mixed, and simultaneously present in an educational setting. There can be various reasons for implementing a hybrid setup. The reasons and learning objectives in each situation are the starting point and form the basis for making educational decisions. 

To reduce ambiguities about online, blended, and hybrid education two videos are made. The first video is a clarification of the different concepts. The second animation video is about 4 different choices you can make based on your educational purpose and skills.

Different scenarios and setups are possible. In the picture below an overview is given, in which you can see a distinction between setups focussing on plenary learning activities and setups were the focus is on working in groups. 

Hybrid education Utwente

Thanks to the Hogeschool Utrecht, who already visualized the hybrid education settings and collected some information. 

Factors to think about

Below an overview is given of factors you have to think about when you implement a hybrid lecture setting.

  • Supporting audio and video systems

    Especially when you give education in a hybrid setting it is important to have good audio and video systems that supports you in your teaching. 

    Options: fixed systems (available at the UT) or portable (bring your own)
    Description: The following rooms are available with fixed or semi-fixed solutions.

  • Technicalities sound

    You want to have sound of good quality so every student can be involved easily without difficulties to hear you. 

    Options: sound quality and acoustic. Laptops (Windows/Mac) vs. fixed pc
    Description: some lecture halls already have installed sound systems, like for example the Waaier. These can interfere with your own audio setup. A so-called Voice lift system is available in some Technohal rooms. Check your connection possibilities and adapters for connecting to existing systems. 

  • Application tools

    There are different applications you can use for your lecture, but also interactive tools you want to use in your lecture. 

    Options: Canvas Conference, MS-teams, Zoom, other video conferencing tools, or other interactive tool like Wooclap. 
    Description: Each application connects differently to external video cameras and microphones. Make sure that you know how it works. Also, each application has different kind of break-out rooms. Think about your setup, and how it works in reality. 

  • Context

    With a hybrid education setting there are a lot of factors that play a role regarding the context. Even more than when giving your lecture online.

    Options: (day)light, room (big/small), equipment available, number of students in-class and online, support available, etc. 
    Description: Tip is to check and test beforehand. 

  • Teaching and learning methods

    If you chose for a hybrid setting to give your lecture depends on your learning objectives and goals you want to reach. Do you have a lot of foreign students who are not able to come to campus? Or do you have students in your group that have disabilties which causes problems to be in-class and you want them to work in groups? It is always checking what you want to reach and how this can be supported. 

    Options: Record or not record the session, level of and amount of interaction and activation, structure of your lecture regarding variation, use of technical aids (Powerpoint/video/whiteboard etc.) 
    Description: Make use of different teaching and learning methods, but in balance with your learning objectives. 

  • Teacher aspects

    In a hybrid education setting you have to think about a lot of things.

    Options: the organisational aspect, the technical aspect, the design/setup of your lecture, the pedagogical aspects, and the content you want to teach them. 
    Description: Practice with new setups before you implement them. 

  • Student aspects

    Besides the differences in characteristics of students, you have to deal with the composition of the group. 

    Options: Students in-class, students at home, small group/big group

  • Support / moderator

    Sometimes you have a student-assistant in your lecture. In a hybrid setting this can also be very helpful; but think about the tasks of the SA. Besides, you can also give the responsibility for certain tasks to students from your student group of your lecture. 

    Options: No support / self-explanatory systems, help from students

  • Organisation

    When you are going to plan a hybrid educational meeting it is important to think about the organisation of the different groups (in-class and online) you have to take care of. 

    Options: See picture of hybrid education setups
    Description: Plan attention time beteween online and offline groups. Structure your lesson for active and interactive teaching and learning. 

Tips and ideas

Best practices

We are very interested and curious about teachers already using a hybrid setting for their educational meetings. Also, we really like to share those experiences with other teachers. Below you can click on the link which is applicable for you. Do you know someone using a hybrid setting for his education? Please spread the word by sharing this website links. 

For lecturers: http://tiny.cc/hybridUTlecturer 
For students: http://tiny.cc/hybridUTstudent
For support (students/student assistants/etc.): http://tiny.cc/hybridUTsupport 


Do you want more information or do you have more information to share, please contact: telt@utwente.nl