What we can bring

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One of the crucial questions in the process of developing an impactful healthcare innovation is whether a conceptual idea is solving a real healthcare problem.

Meet the Healthcare Professional 

Therefore, this program will organize 'meet the healthcare professional'-sessions. Researchers are invited to pitch their ideas or projects to an audience of relevant professionals. A valuable session to challenge conceptual plans, verify the healthcare needs and start collaborations with healthcare institutes.

Do you have a conceptual idea ready to pitch? Please, send us a short description (4-5 sentences) of your idea and we will contact you for a 'meet the healthcare professional'-session.

Meet the Engineer

To stimulate the use of the problem-driven innovation approach, we will also organize 'meet the engineer'-sessions. A session where healthcare professionals share their problems or innovative ideas with engineers. Fruitful sessions to brainstorm, discuss potential problems or ideas and start collaborations to ultimately result in promising healthcare innovations solving real-world problems.

Interested in a 'meet the engineer'-session? Make sure you receive the TechMed news, the dates of the next sessions will be announced there.