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At the UT, we do excellent research on health tech innovation. Still, it remains difficult to bring those innovations to society and the healthcare market and create the impact we want to achieve: improving healthcare. To enlarge the impact of health technology on society, an integral approach is needed to take into account more than solely a mere technical focus on the creation of (smart) products and services. For instance, a social-economic, ethical, governance, behavioral and cultural perspective that influence adoption and acceptance of novel technologies. Early involvement of stakeholders and end-users prevent ‘mismatches’ in research, ensure commitment and understanding, but also attract fertile investors. 

It is our mission to improve the performance, uptake and impact of health technologies developed at the UT that will contribute to making our healthcare future-proof.

Our focus

We focus on improving the impact of healthcare technology. In this field, 70% of start-ups disappear within two years and 55-95% of SME's do not pass the certification procedures at once. There is a need for a problem-driven and stakeholder-centered approach to implementing health technologies that can transform healthcare, increase its accessibility and affordability and create an impact on society. 

This requires an integral approach - from idea to market - using powerful methodologies in each stage of the development process. We will use comprehensive assessments, identify real-life healthcare problems and use strategies to involve stakeholders. Combined with (integral) reviews, we will measure and provide evidence of the impact of technologies that have value for society and practice.

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Scientific lead

dr. S.M. Kelders (Saskia)
Associate Professor
prof.dr.ir. R.M. Verdaasdonk (Ruud)
Full Professor


ir. R. Burie MBA (Remke)
Managing Director Technical Medical Centre


S.N. Bijen - Groenberg MSc (Sharon)
P. Oosterhoff PhD (Peter)
MedTech Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Expert
M. Roosink PhD (Meyke)
Health Technology Implementation Specialist


prof.dr. J.E.W.C. van Gemert - Pijnen PhD (Lisette)
Full Professor Persuasive Health Technology